“Before anything else was, God is. When all else ceases to have being, God will be.”

This is the simple yet profound premise behind Corbett Gaulden’s brief treatise on God the Father.  In four short but insightful chapters, he examines certain aspects of the nature and character of God as revealed in the specific attributes of His existence, His authority, and His love. Fundamentally, God is first in all things. He is first in existence, and by and through Him all else exists. As Father, God is first in precedence (though not in essence) over Jesus His Son.

As to authority, God’s authority is original authority; all other authority, in the spiritual or natural realms, is derived or delegated authority received from God.

As to love, God is love; all love originates in and emanates from God. His love is universal, yet individual; particular and reciprocal, as modeled in the love demonstrated between God the Father and Jesus the Son.

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