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Four Hundred Years or So

Herein, I propose a timeline that is capable of supporting three main scriptural passages that surround and “contain” the time of slavery experienced by the Israelites in Egypt.  I understand fully that this proposition runs afoul of accepted traditions – most of which consider only one of the passages at a time.  I also understand that the two key manuscript problems have historically been resolved differently than I have attempted to resolve them.  However, this timeline fits all three passages (Genesis 15, Exodus 12, and Galatians 3) simultaneously. The specifics are provided immediately below.  This is followed by a description of the analysis used, and then by a recapitulation of these specifics. The Hebrews use a lunar calendar.  Abib means “spring.”  It is usually pronounced Aviv. This is the month that begins with the new moon that precedes the vernal equinox.  Abib 15 would occur the day after the full moon.  See Exodus 12 for the significance of this date. Abram arrived in Canaan on a specific day (arguably Abib 15) some years after God’s original commission.  This began the Exodus 12 time clock.  Soon afterwards, Abram arrived in Shechem. With that begins with the new moon that precedes the vernal equinox. Abib 15 would occur the day after the full moon. See Exodus 12 for the significance of this date. God soon spoke to Abram [...]

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The Mountain

Some number of years ago, more that fifteen, and over an extended period of time, I experienced what I will call a “continuing” vision.  There were three major phases of the vision and they were separated in time.  Also, each of the three major parts came to me multiple times.  In some of the events, more than one part appeared in a single, continuous flow that served to connect the major parts.  This occurred over a period of about two or three months and involved six or eight separate occurrences of at least one of the three major portions.  I need to say that visions, when they come to me, typically last only a very brief period of objective time.  The understanding of them and their translation into something that can be communicated is much more protracted.  It is also true that sharing the vision or its major parts has resulted in increased understanding of that which was seen.  Over time, the understanding obscured the original occurrence in such a way that the actual content of the vision in the moment is not separable from the interpretation.  These disclaimers are necessary as I seek to communicate this vision with you. As I stated, the vision consists of three major parts.  As I explain the parts, it [...]

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