Birth of the Holy Nation Volume 1

Birth of the Holy Nation Volume 1


Even the most casual of students of the Bible know about the patriarchs, whose stories comprise the majority of the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. And many others who are not as familiar with either the Bible or the term “patriarch” have at least heard the names Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

These three flawed and ordinary men occupy honored places of significance in God’s redemptive plan for humanity through the ages. Yet many Christians have little more than a superficial acquaintance with these figures, and therefore little understanding of their timeless importance.

In Birth of The Holy Nation, (in two volumes), Dr. Corbett Gaulden provides an in-depth analysis and examination of the biblical patriarchs and reveals their critical role in fulfilling God’s promise to Abraham, the first patriarch, to make of him a great nation that would be a blessing to the whole world. While this is a story that has been told before, Dr. Gaulden approaches it from a unique perspective, by revealing how God chose to carry out His master plan of human redemption across many generations through the basic yet complex (and some might say fragile) “fabric” of the human father-son relationship, which (ideally) reflects the heavenly FATHER-SON relationship between God the Father and Jesus.

Read the Foreword by Sam Soleyn and the Preface to Birth of The Holy Nation, Volume 1.

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