Raven’s Food Introduction

In the life of Elijah the prophet, there came a time when he was forced to flee and hide in the wilderness on the east side of the Jordan River (1 Kings 17:1-6). This occurred at the very beginning of the period in which Elijah figured so prominently in the story of Israel, the northern kingdom. The Lord sent Elijah to speak to King Ahab about his wickedness in the mode of a drought. Elijah, having accomplished that task, was then instructed by the Lord to go into hiding. Specifically, he was to go into hiding in the valley of the brook, or ravine, called Kerith. During his time in hiding, the Lord instructed him, he was to remain completely secreted. God would send ravens to feed him and he was to drink from the water in that valley. Elijah complied with the instructions of the Lord and headed for the ravine to hide. During the time Elijah hid in the ravine, the ravens brought him bread and meat twice a day and he drank water from the brook. Eventually, the water in the brook dried up due to the drought. Only then did Elijah move on to live among the Sidonians, who were a Phoenician group that lived north of the boundary of the kingdom. As long as [...]