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The Word of God is useful to us in many ways, in all situations and is very ‘deep’ in its content. Often, though, our approach to it is quite superficial. There are many things that are now hidden under the weight of history, theology or neglect. The mission of Raven’s Food is to take a fresh, layman’s approach to discovering – or rediscovering – much of that manifold mystery that is contained in the Word of God.







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By |May 12, 2020|Blogs|

Genesis 1:31 declares to us that at the end of the sixth day of creation, God inspected the entire project and declared it to be “very good.”  The text goes on to state that the next day He entered a rest (a Sabbath) from His creating activity.  It is difficult to not infer from the text that creation was finished.  His last act of creating was the creation of the man (male and female, with the female somehow inside or within the man).  Later, He was to bring the woman out of the man, but that […]


By |May 12, 2020|Blogs|

This is one in a series of “writings” that have to do with the psychological nature of culture.  Other essays in the series that might be of interest to you include:

I invite you to consider the context of the series as a variety of perspectives.  We need to learn to examine what we accept as common knowledge.

In a previous discussion, we examined the nature of consensus.  It is, at once, “better” decision making than simple democracy, and somewhat less likely […]


By |May 1, 2020|Blogs|

It is not uncommon for us, when we are considering matters in a group context, to desire to be “of one mind.”  That actually means that we hope all the participants in the deliberating group will come to the same conclusion on some matter.  If all are in agreement, the thinking generally goes, then all participants will be equally committed to whatever course of action is decided upon.  Of course, we are aware that people are not identical in their thinking and that in modestly complex social situations, we are […]


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